Let’s make Alaska as safe as it is beautiful.


About Us

Too many Alaskan children, women, and men are survivors of sexual violence. Sexual violence impacts people of all ages, from either side of the political spectrum, and from every place in Alaska. Sexual violence in Alaska is so overwhelming that we barely knew where to start, so we started with our own stories. Then, you shared yours.

We are your neighbors, friends, and family. We are Alaskans who are tired of the cycles of sexual violence impacting too many of our own. Started in 2018, 49th Rising is working to end sexual violence in Alaska.


Alaska has the highest rate of reported sexual assault of any state in the country.

We have all heard this before. We have heard it so much, in fact, that this statistic has seemingly lost its power. According to UAA’s Justice Center, 1 in 3 Alaskan women has experienced sexual violence in their lifetime. Based on our personal experiences, we know that even those numbers are underestimated. 

We believe that we can make Alaska as safe as it is beautiful. We believe that we start by talking about sexual violence, by putting stories behind the numbers and faces behind the statistics. By believing we can create an Alaska where survivors feel heard and supported, we demand change. We will share our stories with you, and we will push for what we know is possible.

We hope you will join us.



Ensure access to services in all communities.


Expand programs rehabilitating sex offenders.


Introduce better support systems for survivors.


Reform how sexual assault kits are processed.


Revise the definition of sexual contact.


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