Conservation Issues

One of the key missions of Friends of Bird Valley is to advocate for the healthy conservation of the valley. Note that Friends of Bird Valley wants to see the wise use of the valley for its recreation and wilderness value. Conservation means keeping the valley healthy, not locking it all up, though we also recognize that it’s critically important that portions of the valley be maintained and preserved as wilderness.

Invasive Species

Invasive species are a growing concern in Southcentral Alaska. The Municipality of Anchorage has identified over 200 invasive species. Bird Valley is impacted by a number of these. We plan to help document the problem in the valley and mitigate the effects of invasive species when possible.


Some trails and trail use in Bird Valley have led to serious erosion problems. Many of the problems found in what’s known as the first avalanche meadow were fixed through the diligent work of Range Tom Crockett, concerned locals, and the Boy Scouts of Troop 209. however, there are other problems in the valley that need work!

Healthy Salmon Habitat

Friends of Bird Valley include locals and non-locals who fish the waters of Bird Creek. We are committed to keeping Bird Creek a healthy salmon stream.