Putting a Stop to Sexual Violence in Alaska 


Let’s make Alaska as safe as it is beautiful.


What Needs To Change

Changing the way we talk and perceive sexual violence, revise the definition of sexual contact , reinstate and expand the best-practice of Special Victims Units (…)

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Take Action

You can take action by contacting your legislators. You can use our modifiable draft letter and form that make it as easy as 1, 2, 3 click.
You can also help us put a face on the statistics. If you are interested and willing, we would be honored to share your story. Or volunteer with us!

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Stories From Alaska

This is a collection of stories from Alaskans about their experience with sexual violence. These stories are from the perspective of survivors, friends, partners and relatives.

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This is a collection of resources available in the State of Alaska. This list was put together by survivors based on their experiences.

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