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Sexual Violence Can be Stopped

Our Vision

Alaska has the highest rate of reported sexual assault in the country.

We have all heard this before. We have heard it so many times, in fact, that it has lost its power.  

Yet we just need to look around or in a mirror to see the ocean of pain behind that statement. According to UAA’s Justice center, 1 in 3 Alaskan women have experienced sexual violence in their lifetime.

Based on our personal experiences, we know that those numbers are unfortunately underestimates. We can name too many children, women and men who are survivors of sexual violence. Far more than 1 in 3 people.

Sexual violence is an Alaskan problem. It affects people of all ages, from all sides of the political spectrum, from every place in Alaska. It is so enormous that it feels impossible to stop. Where do we even start?

We believe that we can make Alaska as safe it is beautiful. We believe that we start by talking about, by putting stories behind the numbers and faces on the statistics. We start by pushing for change when we find something that needs fixing. By aiming for an Alaska where survivors can feel heard and supported.

We fix this by addressing the problem. By facing it. By trying our best.

We will share our stories with you. And we will push for change. We hope you will join us.