Share Your Story

Stories help put faces to the numbers. Stories help others understand. Stories connect us all.

If you are interested in sharing yours we want to make it as easy as possible. You can use this form to let us know you would like to share a story. You don’t have to submit your story just yet. We will contact you by phone or via email, and answer any questions you may have about the process.

Writing about our stories is hard, and exhausting. It can take you places you have not been in for a long time, or new ones. Do it on your own time, in your own terms, in your own words. You decide what to share, and how. There are no word limits.

Once we have your story we will upload it on the website and put a password on your page. We will only share it when you are ready for it, and tell us it is ok. You can choose whether to use your first name and last name, and whether to include a picture of yourself.

You can reach us by either using the form provided on this page or at: 


or by texting/calling

(207) 808-2008

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