Expand Rehabilitation Programs for Sex Offenders

the current state

Currently, Alaska’s sex-offender rehabilitation model uses long-term monitoring, including polygraph tests and combined behavioral therapy.

The corrections department has been unable to find enough therapy providers and polygraph administrators to keep up with the need for treatment.

The correction’s facility in Bethel offers a program based on restorative justice. It is the only one of its kind in the state.


Sex offenders will be released from jail and will re-integrate society at some point. It is imperative that when they leave jail they are no longer a menace. Sex-offender rehabilitation programs can be extremely effective. A UAA study found that every $1 invested in rehabilitation resulted in $6 of savings in terms of costs avoided.

In order to be successful, treatment must be culturally relevant. The state currently only has one program based on restorative justice. That is not enough.


Provide funding to shorten wait times for sex offender programs. Offer programs based on restorative justice in every corrections facility in the state.